Class 6 Maths Chapter 4 Exercise 4.5 Pdf Notes NCERT Solutions

Class 6 Maths Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas Exercise 4.5 pdf notes:-


Exercise 4.5 Class 6 maths Chapter 4 Pdf Notes:-

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Ncert Solution for Class 6 Maths Chapter 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas Exercise 4.5 Tips:-

A four sided polygon is a quadrilateral. It has
4 sides and 4 angles. As in the case of a
triangle, you can visualise its interior too.
Note the cyclic manner in which the
vertices are named.
This quadrilateral ABCD has
four sides AB, BC , CD and DA . It has four
angles ∠A , ∠B, ∠C and ∠D .

In any quadrilateral ABCD, AB and BC
are adjacent sides. Can you write other pairs
of adjacent sides?
AB and DC are opposite sides; Name the
other pair of opposite sides.
∠A and ∠C are said to be opposite angles;
similarly, ∠D and ∠B are opposite angles.
Naturally ∠A and ∠B are adjacent angles.
You can now list other pairs of adjacent angles.

Do This
• Place a bangle or any round shape; trace around to get a circular shape.
• If you want to make a circular garden, how will you proceed?
Take two sticks and a piece of
rope. Drive one stick into the ground.
This is the centre of the proposed
circle. Form two loops, one at each
end of the rope. Place one loop
around the stick at the centre. Put the
other around the other stick. Keep the sticks vertical to the ground. Keep the
rope taut all the time and trace the path. You get a circle.
Naturally every point on the circle is at equal distance from the centre.

A region in the interior of a circle enclosed by
a chord and an arc is called a segment of the circle.
Take any circular object. Use a thread and wrap
it around the object once. The length of the thread
is the distance covered to travel around the object
once. What does this length denote?
The distance around a circle is its circumference.

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