Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Test Paper Set-1 Pdf Download CBSE

Test Paper Of Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Food Where Does it Come from Biology

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Test Paper Set-1 Pdf

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Chapter 1 Test Paper (01)

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Food Where Does it Come from Test Paper Set-1 Text Form:-

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Class 6 Science (Worksheet with answers)

Chapter – 1 (Food: Where does it come from)

A. Multiple choice Questions (MCQ) :-

1. Which of these animals have teeth ?

(a) Snake

(b) Eagle

(c) Mosquito

(d) Tapeworm

2. Which of these food ingredients we do not get from either plants or animals ?

(a) Honey

(b) Milk

(c) Wheat

(d) Salt

3. Which of these is obtained from animals ?

(a) Cheese

(b) Pulses

(c) Cereals

(d) Sugar

4. Stems of which of the following plants are edible ?

(a) Potato and ginger

(b) Onion and beet root

(c) Ginger and radish

(d) Potato and radish

5.Which of the following animals give us eggs ?

(a) Goat and hen

(b) Camel and goat

(c) Hen and duck

(d) Camel and duck

B. Fill in the blanks:-

  1. The edible parts in spinach are the …………………. .
  2. The ……………….. that we drink comes from cows, buffaloes and goat, is an animal product.
  3. We get sugar from ……………….
  4. Deer eats only plant products and so is called ………………… .
  5. Parrot eats only ………………. products.

C. Subjective Questions ( Short Answers type Questions )

  1. Give two examples of dairy products.
  2. Is squirrel herbivore, carnivore or omnivore ?
  3. Give reasons that how food help our body to perform various functions ?
  4. Name the structure, where honey prepared by bees is stored.
  5. In what way is a scavenger useful for the environment ?
  6. Name two plants and their parts that humans eat.
  7. Define Omnivores animals and Explain how they are different from others with at least four Examples.
  8. Name four Roots that we can consume as our food.
  9. What are carnivores ? Give any two special characteristics of carnivores.
  10. Name any four ingredients used for cooking egg curry .
  11. Why are mosquitoes known as parasites ?
  12. How the teeth of carnivores are different from those of herbivores ?
  13. How honey is made ?
  14. What are herbivores ? Give any two special characteristics of herbivores.

D. Long Answers Type Questions:-

  1. Differentiate between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Give suitable examples of each category.
  2. What food items do we get from plants ? Give examples to support your answer.
  3. Mention the variety of food products obtained from animals.
  4. Classify the animals on the basis of food they eat. Write two examples of each?

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