Class 7 Maths Chapter 11 Test Paper Set-3 Pdf Download CBSE

Test Paper Of Class 7 Maths Chapter 11 Perimeter And Area

Class 7 Maths Chapter 11 Test Paper Set-3 Pdf

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Chapter 11 Test Paper (03)


Class 7 Maths Chapter 11 Perimeter And Area Test Paper Set-3 Text Form:-



 CLASS: 7                                                          MAX. MARKS :30

SUBJECT: MATHEMATICS                              TIME: 1:30 HOUR CH: 11 (PERIMETER AND AREA)

General Instructions:

I. All questions are compulsory.

II. This question paper contains 14 questions divided into four Sections A, B, C and D.

III. Section A has 5 questions of 1 mark each. Section B has 4 questions of 2 marks each. Section C has 3 questions of 3 marks each. and Section D has 2 questions of 4 marks each.

IV. Use of Calculators is not permitted.

Section – A

Questions1 to 5, has four options, out of which one is correct. Write the correct answer.

1. In reference to a circle the value of π is equal to

(a) area/circumference                     (b) area /diameter

(c) circumference/diameter              (d) circumference/radius

2. Area of a right-angled triangle is 30 cm2. If its smallest side is 5 cm, then its hypotenuse is

(a) 14 cm                 (b) 13 cm                (c) 12 cm                (d) 11cm

3. Area of circular garden with diameter 8 m is

(a) 12.56 m2            (b) 25.12 m2            (c) 50.24 m2           (d) 200.96 m2

4. If radius of a circle is increased to twice its original length, how much will the area of the circle increase?

(a) 1.4 times            (b) 2 times              (c) 3 times              (d) 4 times

5. The circumference of a circle whose area is 81πr 2, is

(a) 9πr                   (b) 18πr                    (c) 3πr                   (d) 81πr


6. Find the breadth of a rectangular plot of land, if its area is 440 m2 and the length is 22 m. Also find its perimeter

7. The area of a square park is the same as of a rectangular park. If the side of the square park is 60 m and the length of the rectangular park is 90 m, find the breadth of the rectangular park.

8. The two sides of the parallelogram ABCD are 6 cm and 4 cm. The height corresponding to the base CD is 3 cm. Find the

(i) area of the parallelogram.

(ii) the height corresponding to the base AD.

9. ∆ABC is isosceles with AB = AC = 7.5 cm and BC = 9 cm (Fig 11.26). The height AD from A to BC, is 6 cm. Find the area of ∆ABC. What will be the height from C to AB CE?

Section – C

10. A door of length 2 m and breadth 1m is fitted in a wall. The length of the wall is 4.5 m and the breadth is 3.6 m


11. Find the area of the following circles, given that:

(a) radius = 14 mm (Take π = 22/7 )

(b) diameter = 49 m (c) radius = 5 cm

12. A rectangular shaped swimming pool with dimensions 30 m × 20 m has 5 m wide cemented path along its length and 8 m wide path along its width (as shown in Fig.). Find the cost of cementing the path at the rate of Rs 200 per m2.

Section – D

13. Pizza factory has come out with two kinds of pizzas. A square pizza of side 45 cm costs ₹ 150 and a circular pizza of diameter 50 cm costs ₹160 (in Fig.). Which pizza is a better deal?

14. In the following figures, find the area of the shaded portions:

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