Class 7 Science Biology Chapter 17 Test Paper Set-1 Pdf Download CBSE

Test Paper Of Class 7 Science Biology Chapter 17 Forest our lifeline

Class 7 Science Biology Chapter 17 Test Paper Set-1

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Chapter 17 Test Paper (01)


Class 7 Science Biology Chapter 17 Forest our lifeline Test Paper Set-1 Text Form:-

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SAMPLE PAPER (01)                                                                       

CLASS: 7                                                                         MAX.MARKS:30         

SUBJECT: SCIENCE (BIO)                                            TIME: 1:30 HOUR  

CH: 17 (Forest: Our Lifeline)                                                                                   

General Instructions:                                                                 

I.   All questions are compulsory.  

II. This question paper contains 18 questions divided into three sections:- A, B, and C.

III. Section A has 10 questions of 1 mark each. Section B has 4 questions of 2 marks each and Section C has 4 questions of 3 marks each.

In Questions 1 to 10, there are four options, out of which one is correct. Write the correct answer.


1. A social forest tree is

A   Teak

B   Sandal wood

C   Subabul

D  Rose wood

2. Which of the following serve as green lungs?

(a) Green pigment of the plants

(b) Forests

(c) Kitchen gardens

(d) Green house gases

3. Which among the following forest animals is the smallest?

(a) Fox

(b) Boar

(c) Bison

(d) Porcupine

4. Which of the following is not prepared from the wood obtained from forest?

(a) Paper

(b) Thermocol

(c) Matchsticks

(d) Plywood

5. Pick the option which gives the names of a tree and an animal, respectively from the following.

(a) semal, hornbill

(b) sal, khair

(c) chinkara, blue bull

(d) neem, palash

6. The branchy part of a tree above the stem is known as

(a) crown

(b) canopy

(c) sapling

(d) humus

7. A renewable exhaustible natural resource is:

A. coal

B. petroleum

C. minerals

D. forest

8. Which of the following is not a protected forest?

A. Reserve forest

B. Sanctuary

C. Core of biosphere

D. Orchard

9. Social forestry aims at

A. growing different types of plantations together

B. growing one type of tree on the land

C. management of forests by village bodies

D. management of forests by cooperative societies.

10. In India coniferous forests are found in ______________.

A. Madhya Pradesh

B. Himalayan region

C. Satpura hills

D. Rajasthan


11. Fill in the blanks:

(a) The insects, butterflies, honeybees and birds help flowering plants in …………………..,

(b) A forest is a purifier of …………….and …………….,

(c) Herbs form the ……………… layer in the forest.

(d) The decaying leaves and animal droppings in a forest enrich the


12. Name any four useful products other than wood, which we get from forests.

13. Deforestation may lead to floods. Why?

14. Explain how animals dwelling in the forest help it grow and regenerate.

(Section – C)

15. Give any four factors which are responsible for the destruction of forests.

16. “Forests are our lifeline.” Write five sentences on this topic.

17. Explain the role of forest in maintaining the balance between oxygen, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

18. Why should we worry about the conditions and issues related to forests far from us?

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