Class 7 Science Biology Chapter 17 Test Paper Set-2 Pdf Download CBSE

Test Paper Of Class 7 Science Biology Chapter 17 Forest our lifeline

Class 7 Science Biology Chapter 17 Test Paper Set-2 Pdf

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Chapter 17 Test Paper (02)


Class 7 Science Biology Chapter 17 Forest our lifeleine Test Paper Set-2 Text Form:-

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SAMPLE PAPER (02)                                                                       

CLASS: 7                                                                     MAX.MARKS :30         

SUBJECT: SCIENCE (Bio)                                         TIME: 1:30 HOUR  

CH: 17 (Forest: Our Lifeline)                                                                                   

General Instructions:                                                                 

I.   All questions are compulsory.  

II. This question paper contains 14 questions divided into three Sections A, B, and C.

III. Section A has 10 questions of 1 mark each. Section B has 4 questions of 2 mark each. Section C has 4 questions of 3 mark each.

(Section – A)

In Questions 1 to 10, there are four options, out of which one is correct. Write the correct answer.

1.What is deforestation?

(a). Clearing of forests

(b). Planting of more trees

(c). Grazing of animals in forest area

(d). None of the above

2. Which of the following serve as green lungs?

(a) Green pigment of the plants                                                                    

(b) Forests                                                                                                    

(c) Kitchen gardens                                                                                        

(d) Green house gases

3. What is Cheraw?

(a).  A dance

(b).  An animal

(c).  A city

(d). A state

4. Which of the following has the strongest stem?                              

(a) A tree                                                                                                      

(b) A creeper                                                                                                     

(c) A climber                                                                                               

(d) A bush                                                                                                     

5. Which of the following is not the name of a tree?                           

(a) Teak                                                                                                                

(b) Sal                                                                                                       

(c) Porcupine                                                                                                   

(d) Kachnar

6. Which of the products is not obtained from a forest?                      

(a) Honey                                                                                                        

(b) Catechu                                                                                                      

(c) Gum                                                                                                           

(d) Ginger

7. Forests are not responsible for                                                             

(a) providing medicinal plants.                                                                  

(b) maintaining the flow of water into the streams.                              

(c) creating flood conditions

(d) absorbing rainwater and maintaining water table.

8. Dendrology is associated with the study of

(a). worms

(b). flowers

(c). roots

(d). trees

9. Which of the following types of plants can be seen in the forest?

(a). Herbs

(b). Shrubs

(c). Trees

(d). All of the above

10. Sal and teak is the dominant species in which of the following forests :-

(a). Tropical dry deciduous forests

(b). Temperate deciduous forest

(c). Temperate rain forest

(d). None of the above

(Section – B)

11. Which of the following is not a forest product?                                 

(i) Gum

(ii) Plywood                                                                                                    

(iii) Sealing wax                                                                                          

(iv) Kerosene

12. Give names of any four birds which you expect to see in a forest.

13. “A bunch of seedlings were seen sprouting on a heap of animal dropping in a forest.” How do you think is the seedling benefited from the animal dung?

14. List five products we get from forests?

(Section – C)

15. All the needs of animals living in a forest are fulfilled. Justify this statement in a few sentences.

16. Explain why there is a need of variety of animals and plants in a forest.

17. Give any four factors which are responsible for the destruction of forests.

18. “Forests are our lifeline.” Write four sentences on this topic.

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