Class 8 History Chapter 2 Test Paper SSt Pdf Download

Test Paper Of Class 8 Social science (SSt) History Chapter 2 From trade to Territory

Class 8 History Chapter 2 Test Paper SSt Pdf

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Chapter 2 History Test Paper

Class 8 SSt History Chapter 2 From trade to Territory Test Paper Text Form:-

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From trade to Territory

A. Multiple Choice questions (MCQ)

  1. The Subsidiary Alliance increased the power and the resources of the.
    1. Indian rulers
    1. British company
    1. French government
    1. None of these
  2. Robert Clive defeated Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah of Bengal in.
    1. Battle of Buxar
    1. Battle of Plassey
    1. Battle of Panipat
    1. None of these
  3. What was the main cause for the defeat of Siraj ud Daulah in the battle of Plassey?
    1. He had no such quality like Clive to command the army
    1. He was not well-equipped with artillery
    1. His commander in chief Mir Jafar joined with the forces of Robert Clive
    1. His army was weak
  4. After the assassination of Sirajuddalah who became the nawab of Bengal?
    1. Mir Jafar
    1. Mir Qasim
    1. Robert Clive
    1. Murshid Quli kHan
  5. Who had formulated and perfected the use of the subsidiary alliance system?
    1. Lord Mayo
    1. Lord Curzon
    1. Lord Dalhousie
    1. Lord Wellesley

B. Fill in the Blanks.

  1. The British East India Company became masters of Bengal after_____________ 
  2. The Hero of Plassey was ________
  3. The Battle of Plassey is very important event in Indian history because ________
  4. The Battle of Plassey was fought in _________
  5. Mir Jafar became the Nawab of Bengal after Battle of Plassey, he gave British ______to become the Nawab

C. Answer the following questions:-

  1. What were the terms of the Subsidiary Alliance
  2. How did the adoption of Diwani benefit the East India Company?
  3. Describe the incident of ‘Black Hole’.
  4. What is Dual Government? Name the state in which it was imposed.
  5. Give reason: The British had to face the challenges from Marathas, Sikhs and Tipu Sultan (Mysore).
  6. Explain Dual Government of Robert Clive.
  7. How did Murshid Quli Khan become powerful in Bengal?
  8. Write the name of first Indian who passed the Indian Civil Service Examination.

D. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists :

AWarren Hastings1Anglo-Burmese War
CWilliam Bentinck2The Charter Act of l813
DAmbert3Abolition of Sati System
4Regulating Act

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