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Test Paper Of Class 8 Science Chapter 8 Biology Crop production and Management

Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Test Paper Set-1 Pd

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Chapter 1 Test Paper (01)

Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Crop production and Management Test Paper Set-1 Text Form:-

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Class 8 Science (Worksheet)

Chapter-1 (Crop productions and Management)

A. Tick (V) the correct option MCQ Questions :

1. The crop where transplantation is necessary is :

(a) wheat          

(b) maize

(c) paddy (rice)  

(d) shorgum (jowar)

2. Which one of the following is not a method to maintain the fertility of soil?

(a) crop rotation

(b) Multiple Method  

 (c) fallow method

(d) Ploughing

3.Large scale watering of plants is called :

(a) ploughing

(b) winnowing 

(c) transportation

(d) germination

4.The process of separating grains from the chaff is known as :

(a) threshing  

(b) winnowing

(c) harvesting 

(d) weeding

5.Which of the following is not an agricultural practice?

(a) harvesting

(b) sowing

(c) afforestation

(d) crop protection

B.    Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements :

1      Ploughing causes soil erosion.

    The crop that does not need Standing Water is paddy.

3      The plants which are grown crops Grown by man in large number to get useful product are known as crops.

4      Winnowing can be done by a combine harvester.

5      The breeding, feeding and caring of livestock for food and other useful purposes is known as animal husbandry.

C.   Fill in the blanks :

1      Wheat and rice are called …………….. crops

2      Seed-drill is used for……………….the seeds

3      Soil crumbs are broken with the help of……………..

4      Fertilizers are prepared in………….

5      Before storage, excess…………….. Must be removed from food grain.

D.    Write one word for the following :

1. The crop grown during winters:-

2. The process of removing weeds from a crop:-

3. A man-made inorganic compound which supplies specific nutrients to the soil:-

4. Rearing cattle for producing milk, and milk products on large scale:-

5. Name two harvest festivals of India:-

E. Short answer type questions :

1. Mention two methods of sowing the seeds ?

2. How would you protect crops from pests and diseases? 

3. What is crop rotation ?

4. What is agriculture ?

5. Which agricultural task has to be completed before sowing?

D. Long answer type questions :

1. Explain the various steps involved in agriculture in brief.

2. Why should fields be irrigated ? Explain modern methods of irrigation.

3. Explain the natural methods by which lost nutrients in the soil are put back.      

4. What are weeds ? How is weeding done ? Mention any two common weeds and two weedicide

5. How does manure differ from a fertilizer ?

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