Class 8 Science Chapter 11 Test Paper Set-1 Pdf Download CBSE

Test Paper Of Class 8 Science Chapter 11 physics Force and Pressure

Class 8 Science Chapter 11 Test Paper Set-1

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Chapter 11 Test Paper (01)

Class 8 Science Chapter 11 Force and Pressure Test Paper Set-1 Text Form:-

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Class 8 Science (Worksheet)

Chapter-11 (Force and Pressure)

A. Tick the Correct Option : (MCQ Question)

1. The air pressure inside out body is equal to the ____?

  • in internal pressure
  • atmospheric pressure
  • both a and b
  • none of the above

2. A stone is suspended by a thread from a rigid support, another thread of same quality is attached at the bottom of done if the lower thread is pulled suddenly then

  • Upper thread break first
  • Lower thread break first
  • Both will break at same time
  • None of these two threads will break

3. 2 kg kg of water is converted into steam by boiling at atmospheric pressure. The volume changes from 2×10-3 m3 to 3.34 m3 . The work done by the system is about

  • -340\ kJ
  • -170\ kJ
  • 170\ kJ
  • 340\ kJ

4.Which of the following class of force is different from others?

  • Magnetic force
  • Electrical force
  • Gravitational force
  • Stretching of a spring

5. A cube of Ice is floating in water. The fraction of its length lie outside the water is (sp. Gravity of Ice = 0.96)

  • 0.040
  • 0.4
  • 0.96
  • None of these

B. State whether true or false.

1. When a body is travelling at a constant velocity, the net force on it is infinite.

2. Two identical trains are moving on rails along the equator on the earth in opposite directions with the same speed. They will exert the same pressure on the rails.

3. If a body is moving with a constant speed along a straight line, then in order to change its direction of motion, an external force or its component has to act in a direction normal to the direction of motion.

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  • 4. 10 mN is equal to 10-3 dynes.

    5. Magnetic force attracts all kinds of metals.

    C. Subjective Question:-

    1. A blacksmith hammers a hot piece of iron while making a tool. How does the force due to hammering affect the piece of iron?

    3. The sports boot for soccer and hockey have studs on their soles. Why?

    4. A body of mass 5kg is acted upon by two perpendicular forces 8N and 6N. Give the magnitude and direction of the acceleration of the body.

    5.Define the term ‘force!

    6. If 50 N force is applied on a liquid and it experiences 25N/m2 pressure. Find out the area on which the force is applied?

    7. Give one example in each of the following cases where a force: Moves a stationary body

    8. Why cutting Instruments are sharpened?

    9. A steam of water flowing horizontally with a speed of  v m/s gushes out of a tube of cross sectional area A m2 and hits at a vertical wall nearby. What is the force exerted by the impact of water, assuming that water rebounds with the same speed.

    10.Pressure is reduced if ____ increases.

    D. Long Answer Type Questions:-

    11. Find the pressure increase in the fluid in a syringe when a nurse applies a force of 42 N to the

    syringes circular piston, which has a radius of 1.1 cm.

    12.The only two forces acting on a body have magnitudes of 20 N and 35 N and directions that differ by 803. The resulting acceleration has a magnitude of 20 m/s2. What is the mass of the body?

    13. An athlete runs for a certain distance before taking long jump, Why?

    14. How would pressure change if

    (a) area is doubled keeping force constant

    (b) force is doubled keeping area constant.

    15. An ideal gas having initial pressure P, volume V and temperature T is allowed to expand adiabatically until its volume becomes 5.66V while its temperature fall to 5. How many degrees of freedom do the gas molecules have?

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