Class 8 Science Chapter 12 Test Paper Set-1 Pdf Download CBSE

Test Paper Of Class 8 Science Chapter 12 physics Friction

Class 8 Science Chapter 12 Test Paper Set-1 Pdf

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Chapter 12 Test Paper (01)

Class 8 Science Chapter 12 Friction Test Paper Set-1 Text Form:-

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Class 8 Science (Worksheet)

Chapter-12 (Friction)

A. Multiple Choice questions (MCQ) :

1.A coin flicked across a table will stop, because : 

  • It is heavy 
  • No force is acting on it         
  • Earth attracts the coin         
  • Table exerts a frictional force

2.Which of the following statements is NOT true?

  • Friction makes things slow down
  • Friction produces heat         
  • Friction can stop moving objects 
  • Friction is not useful

3.Which of the following are done to increase friction?

  • Greasing the machines        
  • Treanding the tyres
  • Sprinkling powder on the carom board
  • All of the above

4.Rolling friction is always less than :

  • Static friction
  • Sliding friction
  • Fluid friction
  • (a) and (b)

5.Friction causes wastage of energy :

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot say
  • Sometimes

B. Fill in the blanks:-

  1. Friction due to fluids is called ____________ .
  2. Sole of shoes is usually grooved to ____________ the friction.
  3. To reduce fluid friction, the object should have ____________ shape.

C. Subjective Questions ( Short Answers Type Questions)

1.       Name the device used to measure the magnitude of the frictional force.

2.       Why do you sprinkle fine talcum powder on the carrom board ?

3.       Give any two situations where it is necessary to reduce friction.

4.       What is streamlining ? How is it useful ?

5.       You have to push a lighter box and your friend has to push a heavier box on the same floor. Whom will have to apply a larger force and why ?

6.       Why do you think that rolling friction is less than sliding friction ?

7.       Explain why objects moving in fluids must have special shapes.

8.       Is there a force of friction between the wheels of a moving train and iron rails? If yes, name the type of friction. If an air cushion can be introduced between the wheel and the rail, what effect will it have on the friction?

9.       Prove that the force of friction depends on the nature of two surfaces in contact.

10.    Iqbal has to push a lighter box and Seema has to push a similar heavier box on the same floor. Who will have to apply a larger force and why?

11.    You might have noticed that when used for a long time, slippers with rubber soles become slippery. Explain the reason.

12.    Mention three methods of reducing friction in a machine

13.    Is a large brake on a bicycle more effective than a small one? Justify your answer with reason.

14.    A uniform solid cylinder is rolling down a rough inclined plane of inclination θ. Then?

D. Long Answer type Questions:-

  1. Explain few methods by which friction between two solid surfaces in contact can be reduced.
  2. Explain with examples the effect of friction on motion.
  3. Explain with examples the disadvantages of friction.
  4. Define the following :
    • Static friction
    • Rolling friction
    • Sliding friction
    • Fluid friction

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