Ncert Books For Class 7 English Alien Hand With Free Pdf Download

Class 7 English The Alien Hand Free NCERT books Pdf With Free Pdf Notes. This Pdfs Are Official By Ncert Website We Have Provided These Pdfs For Students Easy In their Studies.

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Class 6 English The Alien Hand:-

Chapter 1: The Tiny TeacherNCERT PDF
Chapter 2: Bringing Up KariNCERT PDF
Chapter 3: The DesertNCERT PDF
Chapter 4: The Cop and the AnthemNCERT PDF
Chapter 5: Golu Grows a NoseNCERT PDF
Chapter 6: I want something in a CageNCERT PDF
Chapter 7: ChandniNCERT PDF
Chapter 8: The Bear StoryNCERT PDF
Chapter 9: A Tiger in the HouseNCERT PDF
Chapter 10: An Alien HandNCERT PDF

Some Tips:-

THE main objective of this supplementary reader is to promote
among learners the habit of reading independently with
interest, understanding and enjoyment. It seeks to enable them
to read independently in the sense that they would not expect
the book to be taken up page by page in the classroom. They
would rather read it on their own and later share and confirm
their responses and appreciation with the teacher and the peer
group through discussions, questions and, wherever possible,
even role-play.
The book contains ten pieces. Each piece has been divided
into two or three manageable sections, each section briefly
summarised in point form without revealing crucial turns and
twists of the storyline, thus sustaining readers’ curiosity and
interest. While-reading ‘Comprehension Check,’ given at the
end of sections, is a recall of what has been read and understood
so far.
This format is being tried to make comprehension easier
and concentration keener. Each piece is also followed by a set
of questions as aids to understanding and, at many places,
topics for discussion in groups. All questions should be
attempted orally before well-formulated answers are put down
on paper. Discussion on related topics should be encouraged
so that learners get an opportunity to go beyond the book and
feel inspired to reach hitherto undiscovered vistas of knowledge
and pleasure.
The stories, amply illustrated, deal with themes of
cooperation, compassion, respect and love for flora and fauna,
sound decision-making, science fiction, peace and harmony.
It is hoped that young readers will find the book enjoyable
and rewarding, and will feel motivated to read extensively on
their own to become proficient readers in the years to come.

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